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Monday, November 28, 2011

90,000 Ohio Military Veterans Still Eligible For Cash Bonuses: $1,000 Payments Waiting To Be Claimed

Ohio Is Paying Veterans $1,000 Bonus
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- State officials estimate 90,000 Ohioans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf or wore uniforms during the war on terror remain eligible for Veterans Bonuses up to $1,000.  The bonuses are a gift from the people of Ohio to those who volunteered and were willing to put themselves in harm's way.  About 50,000 bonuses have been paid so far, and Ohio has about $150 million waiting to be claimed.  The bonus is not financed with taxes.  In 2009, voters approved a statewide referendum to sell $200 million worth of bonds to make a special payment to those who served.  The AFL-CIO, which sponsors a union veteran's council is trying to spread  the word about the bonuses. Jeanette Mauk, Ohio AFL-CIO veterans council field director, says in an e-mail the state's cash "could make a huge difference in the life of a veteran you know this holiday season, so please pass this along to any veteran you know."

Information about how to apply for the bonus, and other requirements, is available here on the Ohio Division of Veterans Services website.  Veterans needing information can also call toll‐free, 1‐877‐OHIO VET (1‐877‐644‐6838).
 The Ohio Veterans Bonus continues a tradition of bonuses to reward Ohio veterans that dates back to the Civil War; however, those other war bonuses have expired.  The latest program was formally launched in August 2010.  Officials have said it takes about eight weeks to process a bonus request.  Data about the bonuses paid to date show 4,543 have been awarded in Franklin County (Columbus) , where $3.6 million has been paid, the most in the state.  In Hamilton County and Cincinnati, there are 1,898 vets who have gotten $1.57 million.  Many more are eligible for the cash.    The numbers so far show the Cincinnati area hasn't been a hotbed of wartime service -- Dayton, Cleveland, Canton seem to have a higher percentage of veterans getting bonus payments.  Perhaps, local officials are doing a better job getting the message out.  Summit County (Akron) has almost as many claimants as Hamilton County.


  1. $1,000 and no taxes for serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank-you Ohio. Nobody else gives a damn.

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