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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christian Right Fundraiser Slams 17-year-old Hamilton County High Schooler: Says Teen's Gay Marriage Support Promotes 'Bestiality'

Phil Burress Scaremongering
CINCINNATI (TDB) --  Citizens for Community Values, the local group headed by Phil Burress, says in a fundraising letter e-mailed today that a suburban Cincinnati high schooler's support for gay marriage will lead to legalized perversions like humans mating with animals and family members.  That's the "logical" eventuality.  What's really sick: The Christian Right has singled out and named a local kid as a boogieman in an effort to raise cash from its base. Burress said he needs the money to tamp down Harrison High School's Adam Hoover, who led a downtown Cincinnati march last month for same-sex marriage.  Said Burress in the letter:
"A belief like that has no limits--homosexuality, polygamy, incest, pedophilia, and bestiality are a few of the logical outcomes, and according to Scripture none of those are God-given rights. They are, in fact, spoken against for our protection and well-being."
All Hoover has done is organize in favor of marriage equality.  He could be out smoking pot or brawling on a college basketball court.  Nope.  He's merely a budding social activist who thinks that regardless of gender, people ought to be able to marry other people they love.  That's all the teen has promoted.
 Obviously, there are battle lines over same sex marriage.  Burress is on one side, opposed.  And Adam Hoover is on the other.  But Burress is fighting dirty to claim that the Harrision High School teen wants to open the door to "polygamy, incest, pedophilia and bestiality."  He probably owes the kid an apology.   Read on for the full text of the Citizens for Community Values fundraising letter:

"Dear Friends,
Will you help us in our battle to keep marriage between one man and one woman?
Adam Hoover, a 17-year old high school student, initiated Cincinnati Equality Marriage Protest in November to promote same-sex marriage. Inspired by Cincinnati’s Pride Parade in July, Hoover drew together close to 400 people to march through the city and proclaim the need for "equal rights.'

He’s a leader, earnest and dedicated, but his premise is wrong. “Everyone has their God-given right to marry the one they love,” he said.  A belief like that has no limits--homosexuality, polygamy, incest, pedophilia, and bestiality are a few of the logical outcomes, and according to Scripture none of those are God-given rights. They are, in fact, spoken against for our protection and well-being. 
We here at CCV are concerned about the direction of Ohio, as I am sure you are, too. Our greatest desire is to promote values that foster the protection of marriage and family, the sanctity of human life, and religious freedom--values that encourage us to live as we were designed to live.

If you are in a position to promote those values by giving to CCV, please consider a generous year-end contribution today."


  1. Burr-ass is a sick sex addict and noted bigot who swindles his supporters with his CCV scam. CCV is Buress' main source of income and he lives off of his gullible (and bigoted) donors. There indeed is a sucker born every minute, as WC Fields so famously quipped.

  2. So sad about this young man being singled out as a villain. Taking a stand gets you burned as a witch with these people . . .

  3. Burress is an ass!!!

  4. What an ignorant, close-minded piece of shit. How can you seriously believe yourself saying that equal marriage rights will promote bestiality? People like him absolutely disgust me. I don't understand how somebody could enjoy hating people so much. To go completely out of your way to make other people like shit doesn't sound like something god would want. I hope he has gay children. Stop hating and start loving!

  5. Leigh Ann AllmonJanuary 27, 2012 7:52 PM

    We're with you Adam!

  6. Adam, I was able to catch on the news about your gathering and your march and also your efforts for Columbus and Cleveland... I do hope the insane thoughts of these morons is not going to deter or slow you down on what you consider to be very dear to your heart, I do hope the comments from this idiot backfires on him and pisses people off enuff to make your Cleleland project even bigger and stronger. And as for this bestiality he talks about is concerned,,,I don't recall seeing any pigs or sheeps at your other two marches :),,,,God Bless you Adam for all you have done and are about to do

  7. John Paul TobianskiJanuary 27, 2012 8:48 PM

    I'm so glad that my God and my belief system isn't so hateful. If people like this think the outcome for them in the long run is going to be at God's side, they had better take a long hard look at themselves. People like to think that opposing issues like marriage equality, when their own sin is something they are completely oblivious to, like "it's o.k. if I'm greedy, as long as I'm not gay." Get an f-ing clue. If you think you're going to be handed the keys to heaven by being hateful, I would love to be there when God tells you "I'm sorry but I have no place for someone that is unable to have the capacity to love all my children no matter what or whom they are." Just sayin. All I have to say is thank you to. Adam for having the capacity to love and support everyone human and civil rights.

  8. I am ASHAME to be a Christian when I see crap like this and is what is turning people away from Church! Burress is is a FRAUD and SCAMS anyone who will listen, Not too far from Rev Phelps! Has he ever sat down to talk to this 17 year old? No? Then why is he judging him? How many times did Jesus talk about homosexuality? ZERO! How much did he talk about religious hypocrisy? A LOT!

  9. So what if Adam did that. It just means he was brave enough to stand up for what he believes in. If Buress wants to blame someone, he should blame straight couples for giving birth to homosexual children. People love who the love, regardless to sex, because that is who they are attracted to. People don't decide to be gay, they just are.

  10. The entire thing just sickens me. You go Adam!!