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Friday, December 02, 2011

Looking for a Job or Career Change? Job Seekers Should Flock to Ohio's Employment Search Engine, the Place for Paychecks is fantastic employment search engine
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- With the U.S. Labor Department reporting job growth lackluster at best over the past year, many are wondering just where they can go to look for work or a career change. It turns out Ohio has created a fantastic spot to search for a job or career opening.  The free access website lists thousands of employment opportunities from companies that say, "Now hiring."  Everybody from General Electric Co. to the Public Library in Cincinnati posts their job openings.  Using the website beats pounding the bricks and should be a vastly popular option for job seekers. is a public service website operated by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services,  a state agency whose mission includes connecting workers and employers.    When The Bellwether checked, it found job openings in retail trade, leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, health care, construction and manufacturing.  Law enforcement job openings are posted, along with spots for faculty members in colleges around the state. is hooked up with, a Stamford, Conn.- based job search aggregator. scours company website and job boards, and says it is available in at least 50 foreign nations.  That means somebody can use the online resource to look in all 50 states and across much of the world.  You don't have to subscribe or register.   It is free to all Ohioans -- there is no upfront cost to individuals because the state government operates an  unrestricted service.  Of course, just because there is a job posted on the online employment board, that doesn't mean you'll be hired.  You have to apply, submit a resume and jump through other hoops.  But can get you through the doorway, or what's called an electric portal in this day and age.  The rest is up to you.

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