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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ohio's Top 10 Conservative Blogs: Timbre, Influence and Sway From the Right

Ohio's Top 10 Conservative Blogs
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Drumroll, please.  The selection process was designed not to be transparent.  It consisted of The Daily Bellwether calling and e-mailing a select group of 35 politicos, journalists, academics and others who pay close attention to public affairs and policy in Ohio.  The prime directive: A blog had to consistently generate musings and material from the right side of the spectrum; it had to be red.  The selectors recommended candidates and a consensus was developed.  The proceedings were kept entirely secret.  Opinions came in from all regions of the state and from as far away as California and Washington D.C.  A cross-section of ideology and political philosophy was represented on the selection panel, whose identities will not be revealed.  Here's the list of Ohio's reigning Top 10 Conservative Blogs, along with the honorable mentions:

1. Bizzyblog.

2  Thurber's Thoughts.

3.  Weapons of Mass Discussion.

4. Brain Shavings.

5. The Freedom Diva.

6. Porkopolis.

7.  Collecting My Thoughts.

8. Liberally Conserative.

9. Taxman Blog.

10. Andy's Angle.

The honorable mentions are Just Blowing SmokeInvincible Armor, Repeal the 17th Amendment and Buckeye Rino.

Some observations: Much of what they do is streetball mode.  Just two of the blogs are written by women.  All represent firepower for the Right.  Most on the list have been around for years.  They are not the ho-hum sort of political blogs that pop up at election time to promote a particular candidate for office.  These blogs can make a progressive's blood boil, they dice up Democrats and regularly bludgeon President Obama.  You may not agree with their viewpoints, but the authors come by their opinions through sincere beliefs.  They are hardworking.  They deserve your attention.  By no means do you have to agree with them.  But you ought to click on their sites, stop by and see what they have to say.  You could be shocked.  You could be awed.  You could be p.o.'ed.  Or  pleased.  And that's the point of the First Amendment, isn't it?


  1. Chris Finney & Mak Miller are crying because their COAST Blog is not on the list.

  2. Read all the conservative blogs. Good for your digestive tract. Beats a colon flush every time.

  3. What? No 3BP?? Blasphemy!

    Thanks for the flattering ranking, though. It's nice to be in such good company, if for no other reason than the heartburn that it causes Chris Redfern and the Plunderbund boys.

  4. Honored to be so considered and, as Alo said, in such good company.

  5. I sure don't want to break the transparency and won't offer any additional details other than to say there was a sense that 3BP is a campaign blog more than an ideological blog. Not all would agree. I will add Third Base Politics to The Daily Bellwether's blogroll. In my opinion, it does a fine job from the right side of the aisle. People in SW Ohio need to learn about it, no question. Then they can make up their own minds . . .