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Thursday, January 26, 2012

'Cincinnati, the City that Sings' Strikes Sour Note With World Choir Games: Official Slogan Shall Remain 'Share Song. Create Magic'

World Choir Games Picks Boring Slogan 
CINCINNATI (TDB) --  Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. is breaking the news that Cincinnati may want to proclaim itself "the city that sings" in time for the World Choir Games next July, but the organizers already have a slogan written.  And they aren't going to change a word.  Get out the violins if you want to cry.

In a memo distributed to City Council, Dohoney says the selected brandmark includes a tagline, "Share Song. Create Magic.''  That's cringeworthy.
 Since we're talking music, the tagline is right up there with with Kevin Federline's debut album.  Dohoney reported the organizers -- a non-profit organization called INTERKULTUR in Pohlheim, Germany -- own the rights to the World Choir Game brand and logo, and must approve any material that uses them.  Contracts have already been signed.  You can see the branding material by clicking here.  Dohoney didn't say whether he likes "the city that sings" better than "Share Song. Create Magic."  He did say that the World Choir Games brand guidelines allow for a short phrase that is supposed to capture the essence of the event in a few memorable words.  And he said they are sticking with their tagline:

"Any use of the logo, tagline, or brand mark must follow the established brand guidelines.  It would be outside the established and approved branding guidelines to add or otherwise alter the approved brand and logo for the 2012 WCG.  Also, any event, materials or promotion in connection with the WCG must follow the approved branding guidelines, which is ultimately owned by INTERKULTUR.  While the "Cincinnati, the City that Sings" could not be used in addition or in proximity to the established WCG logo, it could be used as a separate application and with some distance from the WCG brand."

He did say that diplomacy may open a crack for the city that sings:

"At this time, the City team is still working with the Cincinnati Organizing Committee to establish the needs for the games.  Should the City produce materials in connection with the World Choir Games, the slogan could be used.  In order to compliment the materials that have been produced for the past two years . . . the administration will work . . . to establish how this slogan could be used without comprising the contractual agreement with INTERKULTUR."

Of course, the poets from Mozart on down knew all this, that every writer, every rhymer thinks himself super-excellent.  Or that all men are poets and sloganeers at heart.  As Spenser, master of verse once said,

"I was promised on a time,
To have a reason for my rhyme;
From that time until this season,
I received not rhyme nor reason."

Let's face it, the city that sings has a special ring.   Share Song, Create Magic is boring.


  1. Laure came up with a fantastic slogan, Cincinnati the City that Signs. Music to my ears. Too bad the Germans left their heart in Pohlheim wherever that is.

    1. Quinlivan is a publicity seeking individual. BTW, how can the slogan of "Cincinnati the City that SIGNS, be music to your ears?

  2. Our slogan is far better than INTERKULTUR's version. I think they don't have such talent as Strate-G and LPN in their fair city.

  3. If you have a song in your heart you go with the Cincinnati slogan. A tin ear? The Germans.

  4. A gathering of Elvis impersonators is a Kingcinnati. Rappers and gangstas is a Blingcinnati. 1940s crooners is a Bingcinnati. Big Bands are a swingcinnati. Choral groups are a Singcinnati. Laure the Q got is about right with the City that Sings. Too bad the Germans had to do a Dingcinnati on her slogan. We should give them a fingcinnati.

  5. guitars cellos violins ukeleles=stringcinnati