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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cincinnati's William Howard Taft is Back From the Dead: Campaign Website Promotes 2012 Presidential Campaign

The Fat Man Returns
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- He's back after 100 years and he wants to move into the White House again.  Or squeeze into the executive mansion.  After all, he was a man of enormous girth.  A campaign website has popped up promoting Cincinnati's William Howard Taft, a Republican who served a single term.  His enduring feat as president:  He was the first chief executive to throw out the opening pitch at a Major League Baseball game.  Taft's got a Facebook page, too.  It all seems tied into the silly season (or maybe somebody is promoting a new book).  Meanwhile, his rotundency has already fired a zinger about the current crop of GOP candidates:  "Newt Gingrich crusades to mkae the moon the 51st state!  I fear he fails to grasp the gravity of the issues here on Earth."

Taft says he's no longer a Republican, news which may sadden the hearts of Republicans everywhere.  They might hope he'd throw his weight around, thinking he's better than anyone in the GOP currently seeking the job.
 The official White House bio is available by clicking here.  The announcement of the 2012 run is below:

Fellow Americans,

As you may have heard, the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. For one hundred years, to be exact. But I have returned to you, my dear constituency, and it is with renewed vigor in the face of adversity that I throw my top hat back into the campaign ring.
True, as the 27th President of the United States, I served my term from 1909 to 1913 before my untimely, ah, disappearance. (Don’t ask.) However, it wasn’t enough. I may have been a reluctant Chief Executive the first time around, but it was only because I despised and still despise power, fame, and its trappings. As you do, I’m quite sure.
So I implore you, as you begin to wade through this wasteful and corrupt and electoral landscape of 2012, to consider the alternative: me. I am not a celebrity. I am no longer a Republican. I am not a Democrat nor a liberal nor a conservative. I am, simply, William Howard Taft—servant to this nation and shepherd of her greatness.
All I ask in return is your kind attention, your thoughtful consideration, and perhaps a light, healthy snack. And, of course—humbly—your vote.
William Howard Taft

The attached YouTUBE recordings has the real Taft making a speech in the early part of the 20th Century. It was from his first campaign.


  1. I think the funniest thing is that all my Republican friends think that they actually stand a chance to unseat Obama. I think they've drank the kool-aid OR they are just too embarrased to admit that the current crop in contention is an embarassment to the GOP, the nation, and the world. What Jim Crowbar do they think is big enough to pry our current CIC out of office? He's nowhere near as big is F***up as George W. They are scared to death of Mormons. And Gingrich? I mean, really....Gingrich? Gingrich as CIC? I could say that he's the freakin' Hugh Hefner of Politics, but I'd be insulting Hugh Hefner.

    ---Woody of Pleasant Ridge
    No, I'm not giving out me email.

  2. It's promoting Jason Heller's novel, Taft 2012.
    (Story on NPR found here:
    (Book on Amazon found here:

    I just don't get all these comments that have nothing to do with the blog post. Why bother?