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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Full-text of Tracie Hunter Press Release Over Collapse Of Ballot Talks: Dem Wants Apology From GOP Chair Who Called Her 'UnAmerican'

List of Excuses for Republican Chairman's Comment

Read on to see the complete text of the press release issued by Tracie Hunter's lawyers about the breakdown of confidential talks aimed at resolving Hunter's lawsuit against the Hamilton County Board of Elections.  Press leaks are mentioned as having undermined the negotiations.  Also blamed: Hamilton County Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou's comments on a WDBZ radio talkshow that described Democratic judicial candidate Hunter as "unAmerican."   To the GOP chairman, her sin was going to federal court for an injunction requiring that provisional ballots be counted.  Now, Hunter is demanding an apology for the talkshow insult from Triantafilou, a lawyer and former judge.  Triantafilou, of course, has spent a goodly part of his career in court, where he knows it is hardly "unAmerican" to seek redress via the legal system.  In fact, that's how the GOP chief has made his living.  In Triantafilou's world, the rules that apply to him should not apply to Tracie Hunter.  Somehow it is "unAmerican" for her to fight for her rights in the courts -- yep, the courthouse doors should be closed to Hunter but wide open to him.
 Here's just a snippet from Republican Chairman Triantafilou's bio at the downtown Cincinnati law firm of Dinsmore and Shohl:

During his time as a judge, he handled thousands of cases across the legal spectrum including having taken part in deciding two capital death penalty cases and having overseen several mass tort and class action cases. Alex continues to serve in a judicial capacity in his role as the Magistrate in the City of Harrison Mayor's Court. 
In his current law practice, Alex handles a variety of business and contractual disputes and has extensive experience in the criminal practice.  
Here's the press release from Hunter's lawyers:


February 1, 2012
Contact: Jennifer Branch

Today Tracie Hunter joins with the Cincinnati community in expressing sympathy and condolences to the family of Alex Triantafilou on the death of his father.

When he returns to his duties as Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Elections she does trust that he will apologize for publicly labeling Ms. Hunter as “Un-American” for pursuing the litigation that seeks a full count of the provisional ballots cast in the 2010 Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge race. This derogatory comment was made on the eve of a mediation that had been scheduled for February 3 but was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. The mediation was to be a confidential forum for airing differences but various leaks to the press have now undermined that process. The Chairman’s disrespect for Ms. Hunter and her effort to enforce constitutional norms in the voting process and all the leaks make a mediation unworkable.

This is Black History Month. One of the great accomplishments in our history was securing the right to vote for all Americans, including women and African-Americans. Ms. Hunter’s lawsuit merely seeks to apply established constitutional principles to the 849 uncounted provisional votes in the 2010 Juvenile Court election. Ms. Hunter will not be deterred by name calling; nor will she abandon the voters whose ballots were unconstitutionally and illegally ignored by the Board of Elections. Ms. Hunter will wait for a ruling from the Federal Court and hopes that will come soon.


  1. It appears as if Ms. Hunter might not possess the temperament nor overall decorum to be a judge. Did she really have a hissy fit because she was called un-american. Might be too thin skinned to be a judge. Sticks and stones etc., etc., how very weak.

    1. Guess who said insults and name calling are for morons:

      Speaking of personal attacks, I have been disappointed by some of the petty, insulting name-calling that I've seen on social media and other places in this collective bargaining reform debate. Some people who I respect have lost that respect as they use vile personal attacks on political leaders with whom they disagree. Emotion clouds the judgment. It shouldn't. Dignity should always prevail--in victory and defeat. Some of my friends have forgotten that. Criticize us on policy all you want to. Name-calling and personal insults are useless and only stand to strengthen our resolve. Compromise and negotiation are made more difficult when it becomes personal.

      If you guessed GOP chairman Alex Triantafilou you would have guessed right. He wrote that on his blog March 5, 2011. I guesss they were not words to live by.

  2. It does not matter what Alex has written, Hunter apparently can't stand the heat in the kitchen. She got her panties in a wad and in lieu of resolving the situation and merely rebuking Alex privately she took her ball and ran home. She did not display a judicial demeanor. If she ever moves up to the big league courts is she going to excuse herself from the bench or chambers when she can't take the heat in the courtroom or feels slighted by what a person stated on the radio? Judges at times must take the lead in negotiating, is this how she negotiates. Tear - Tear for Hunter! Alex does not owe her an apology.

  3. I want to see Alex T Mallcop produce his long form birth certificate. How do we even know he's an American? He could be the real UnAmerican.

    By the way, he rebuked her publicly, not otherwise. His demeanor is that of a petty, demeaning, self-important puffed up bully. Everyone knows you don't negotiate with bullies. You confront them. Good for Tracie. No negotiations with bullies.

  4. Alex is turning Hamilton County blue. He might as well hand over the keys to Tim Burke. Great job, hdqtrs.

  5. Interesting comments but everybody is missing the real outrage. More than a year after the election nobody can really say who won. The federal judge won't even make a decision. She tried to dodge by mediation. She gets paid to make decisions. The election was in November 2010. MAKE THE DAMN DECISION!!! The delay is outrageous and the only people profiting are lawyers.

  6. Since alex Tryingtofoolyou thinks that suing to overturn the results of an election, then surely he must think the Chris Finney and his COAST goons are the most un-American bunch of a-holes on the face of the earth; they have rejected the results of not one but TWO elections about the streetcar project. Finney and COAST are commie Nazis, and Alex T knows it.

    1. Yes! But remember we told everyone that those two ballot issues were about much more than the streetcar. According to our side there never has been a straight up-or-down on the streetcar.

    2. Hey dumbfuck,

      Chris Finney personally wrote the ballot language fot BOTH elections.

    3. "For". Sorry damn iPhone is a bitch to type on.

  7. Yes I understand the fat finger problem too.

  8. Tracie Hunter is a fighter and tough. She took on the Democratic Party and defeated its endorsed candidate in the primary in 2010. She ran as an underdog against John Williams for the Juvenile Court. He was the annointed one. She is fighting to get the votes counted. She just kicked Alex for his insult. She is one tough lawyer who won't roll over. You go, girl!