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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghiz's Elect Leslie 'Ghiz For Judge' Website Distributing False Info: Says She Still Serves On Cincinnati City Council

Ghiz Should Rewrite Her Campaign Bio
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Republican Leslie Ghiz was voted off the Cincinnati City Council last November.  But her campaign website for a seat on the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas says she is "currently serving her third term" and doesn't mention she lost the election.  Ghiz will be on the countywide ballot in the March 6 primary.  One cannot say her judicial campaign website is not up to date, because it includes a disclaimer:

"Paid for by Ghiz for Judge, 30 Garfield Pl, Suite 600, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Dan Vogelpohl, Treasurer  
© 2012 All rights reserved"

Anyone can access former Councilmember Ghiz's website by clicking here.  Presumably she will update the the out-of-date bio  by the time Election Day arrives.  Indeed, it looks like a left over from the council race she lost.  However, early voting for the 2012 primary is already under way and the misinformation could be influencing some voters.
 One would expect a judicial candidate to be bound to the highest code of conduct.  On the other hand, Ghiz may simply have made a mistake or been too busy to freshen her online campaign material.  Either way, it seems sloppy and reeks of inattention to detail.  

Anyhow, just so everyone can see what is out on the Internet at the moment about Leslie Ghiz, here's the full-text of her bio as it appeared moments ago on her judicial campaign website,  The bio is accompanied by a photo showing her being sworn in on the Cincinnati City Council:

About Leslie
Leslie Ghiz was elected to her first term on Cincinnati City Council in 2005 and was reelected in 2007 and 2009. She is currently serving her third term on City Council. She serves as a member of the Public Safety, Strategic Growth and the Budget & Finance committees.
Leslie was raised in Huntington, West Virginia, directly across the Ohio River from Chesapeake, Ohio. Her love for the City of Cincinnati stems from her childhood in West Virginia, when, as a child, Leslie's family would travel to Cincinnati for long weekends in the summer, attending Reds games and frequenting Kings Island. The excitement she felt as a child has never subsided. In a town that offered her everything from the arts to a world-class zoo, Leslie was always certain Cincinnati would become her home.
Outside of her professional career, Leslie has had a rich history of service to her community. Her involvement includes: being a tutor in the Cincinnati Public Schools, first at Washington Park Elementary, then McKinley Elementary; a former Board Member for Youth Opportunities United; a development committee member for Women Helping Women; a Sunday School Teacher for Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church; a volunteer/donor for Pro-Kids, a volunteer for Dress for Success Cincinnati, the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, Hoxworth Blood Center as a blood/bone-marrow/stem cell donor, a volunteer for the May Festival, the Cincinnati Jaycees, and Ensemble Theatre.
Leslie's true passion is as an advocate for Cincinnati who leads with straight talk and common sense. Her top priority as City Councilmember has been working with public safety officials to reduce the crime rate in Cincinnati. During her first term on Council, Leslie was able to push through legislation increasing funding for additional police presence in our communities. In addition to reducing crime, Leslie also plans to fulfill her agenda of restoring the quality of life to Cincinnati neighborhoods, bringing fiscal solvency to City Hall, and making City Council more accountable to its citizens.
Leslie attended West Virginia University, where she received a bachelor's degree in English. She earned her jurist doctorate from Capital University (Columbus, Ohio) in 1994. She resides in North Avondale with her husband Steve and sons George and Andrew.
Paid for by Ghiz for Judge, 30 Garfield Pl, Suite 600, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Dan Vogelpohl, Treasurer
© 2012 All rights reser

[UPDATE: 9:30 p.m. -- The website has been scrubbed and the "third term" bio is gone.  That seems to indicate somebody affiliated with the campaign recognized the material was inappropriate.  But the picture of the swearing in ceremony remains.] 


  1. It also allows for corporate donations. Donations from companies are forbidden in a judicial race!

  2. Cincinnati Liberal LawyerFebruary 23, 2012 1:01 PM

    Her Website says her passions are straight talk and common sense. This demonstrates she has neither. She lacks judicial temperament and a capacity for detail. The other three candidates in the race are far superior in my opinion.

    1. The advertisement/statement appears to state she loves Cincinnati. After the election she said she couldn't wait to move out of town for a suburb. I guess she loves the city when she is courting city voters. Pardon the pun.

  3. Shouldn't things like this get people kicked off the ballot for false advertising or false claims? She definitely says she is in her third term.

  4. Is the fat guy swearing her in Alex T. Mallcop.

  5. You make me dizzy Ms. Lizzy.

  6. You have to question the demeanor of some of these women. Tracie Hunter got her panties in a wad and walked out of negotiations which would have proven to her benefit.


    1. Since this bothers you so much, why not go to her fundraiser on 3/1/12 at McCormick & Schmicks and inform her of the alleged violation? She might also assist you in writing a coherent sentence.

    2. Yes, I did notice she has a degree in English from West Virginia University. That is why she is so coherent.