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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sound Bogus? 'Snoring Rooms' in 2007

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- As 2007 prepares to make its debut, there have been several media reports about fresh trends in the American real estate and homebuilding markets and the strangest of all is about a sudden demand for ''snoring rooms" in new houses. Both CNN and Business Week rode the "snoring room" wave in their online publications this month, although neither actually seemed to have found one -- or talked to anybody with one -- anywhere in the United States.

There is also mention of the ''snoring room" angle in today's Cincinnati Post newspaper, which described them as an option offered in new homes. Again, if there is actually a "snoring room" anywhere around Ohio, the Scripps-Howard daily failed to point out where it was.

Is it possible all the heavy snorers who have these rooms are too embarrassed to come forward? Is it possible this so-called trend is an exaggeration?

The existence of the addition of "snoring rooms" to new homes appears to have originated with Mark Nash, the author of five real estate books, who is a columnist for The Post article states that Nash took an online survey of 923 agents, managers, brokers and real estate association executives who filled him in on the trend. Nash himself has written, "Snoring rooms are second bedrooms adjacent to master bedrooms to offer relief from the spouse who is a 'buzz saw.' A snoring room is a welcome alternative to the couch and a welcome godsend for millions of relationships nationwide." reported on Dec, 5, 2006 that upscale home buyers have "snoring rooms" on their wish lists. They purportedly are "a 12' by 12' or so space with a double bed and chair that will spare the innocent sleeper" from the heavy snorer. Nash was the source of the story.

Pardon if I sneeze. My nose is tickling right now. I think a hint of hayseed-ism is in the air. Ha-choo!!!



  1. This blog is ripe for the "snoring room".

  2. Bill you will NOT believe this but we went on a trip, one night, with the kids and didn't get two rooms and do you know that my youngest kept us all up with his snoring!? I poo-poo my husband all the time for wanting two rooms but I have to tell you - snoring is no snore of an issue!