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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ohio Mom: On John Edwards' Blog She Tells It Like It Is

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Who is "Ohio mom?" She says she lives somewhere in Southeast Ohio and has filed two entries on Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards' blog. She thinks Vice President Dick Cheney is a Republican hypocrite who dodged military service. And she says all the money spent on yellow ribbon car magnets showing support for the war really should to go Amvets chapters. That way the dough would reach veterans.

This voice describes herself as a 50-year old former Army officer. She wants the U.S. out of Iraq where, she says, her son is headed as a soldier. I hope we learn more about her -- like a name. She writes in plain English from the heart, and from the heartland. What struck me most: She says young people who claim to support President George W. Bush's War in Iraq should put their hides where their mouths are. She says: Join the military or shut up. She doesn't think many will sign enlistment papers, the whole Sunshine Patriots chickenhawk phenom . . .

"Ohio mom" is an Edwards' supporter. She saw him speak in Chillicothe during the 2004 campaign. She thinks the former U.S. senator from North Carolina might have been a stronger candidate than John Kerry at the top of the ticket.

I hope she truly is an Ohio mom and soon reveals her identity. You can Click Here to read Ohio mom's two entries on the Edwards' blog.

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