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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tony Snow In Ohio: Bush Didn't Want To Start War

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- White House Press Secretary Tony Snow says President George W. Bush "had to" attack Iraq, an action that Snow claims his boss never wanted to take. The former Ohioan and conservative FOX-TV news analyst spoke at the Hamilton County Republican Party Saturday night. He keynoted its annual fundraising dinner.

"The Iraq War is something the President did not want to engage in, but he had to," Snow said, according to a report by Howard Wilkinson, the Cincinnati Enquirer's respected long-time political writer. Wilkinson said about 450 GOPers attended the dinner. His report about the dinner is brief. If Snow mentioned what it was that Iraq had done to the United States to merit war, the comment went unreported.

Of course, the administration claimed before the invasion that there were weapons of mass destruction hidden and hoarded by Saddam Hussein's regime. Administration figures also claimed Iraq was in contact with al-Qaida and might be harboring terrorists affiliated with Osama bin Laden's organization. So far, none of that has been proven. And, there was the suggestion that the U.S. would be greeted warmly as liberators.

Snow said Bush, who once stood under a banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" now believes the war has not gone well. "And he is not any more happy about the progress than you are," Snow said.

He spoke on a night when the temperatures in Ohio were about as cold as they have been this year. Some might say that makes it the perfect climate for SNOW jobs. Shovels anyone?

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