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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ohio's UFO University: Youngstown State Has A Flying Saucer Course

YOUNGSTOWN (TDB) -- At Youngstown State University, the school is offering a course that investigates the activities of undocumented aliens, the aliens who can't be kept away by building a fence along the border with Mexico. The YSU class raises the possibility -- perhaps the likelihood -- that humans and the Earth have repeatedly crossed paths with extraterrestrial visitors. Foremost among such encounters this year might be U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's disclosure he had sighted a mystery craft -- the Cleveland Democrat who is running for president reports he spotted a UFO years ago.

The YSU class is a special topics psychology course called "ETs and UFOs," and uses Steven Greer's book Hidden Truth:Forbidden Knowledge as its text. Greer is a physician who contends the government has covered up contacts with extraterrestrials and is calling for the United States to make public what it really knows. He claims to have inside information from top CIA spies on down the line.

Sarah Sole, news editor of YSU's student newspaper, The Jambar, says the class taught by retired psych prof Steve Graf is a curriculum pretty much unique in the nation. Only Temple University in Philadelphia offers a similar class. Sole said the course is intended to push students to think about separating myth from reality -- with the reality being that UFOs might actually be out there after all.

From The Jambar:

"A discrepancy exists between the reality of extraterrestrials and what the media perpetuates about them, Graf said. While moves like 'War of the Worlds' and 'Independence Day' depict extraterrestrials as brutal monsters, reality points to peaceful visitors that do not aim to abduct earthlings or steal resources. Graf said he admits that the class was be challenged by skepticism. The climate of false thinking that surrounds the subject of UFOs often prevents educated individuals from becoming involved, Graf said. They don't want their credibility to be questioned."


"Quarantines are placed on societies or planets like ours that haven't fully developed socially. As a society, we are not mature enough to deal with extraterrestrials, Graf said. 'They're sort of waiting for us to get it,' Graf said."


  1. UFO courses are being offered at other educational institutions.
    Oberlin College
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Scottsdale Community College

    I have started a group to network UFO educators and document UFO education efforts. I have posted some of the information on my website.

  2. As former Youngstown Congressman Traficant would say: "beam me up..."

  3. Provocative, but my view is that any ETs advanced enough to transport across enormous lengths of space and time would not have a problem escaping detection.

  4. Hi Aaron --

    Thanks for stopping by with that info about the classes on UFOs at the other schools.

  5. Hi John --

    Yes, you are right about Traficant. That is how he used to end his speeches in the Housem by saying beam me up. I thought about working him in, but edited him out. I bet he wishes he had a transporter now . . .

  6. Hi Westender --

    I'm in full accord with you about the men from Mars, or wherever they come from these days. Their technology would be steath to the 50th power I suppose. Does anybody theorize the UFOs are time travelers? Are they always from outer space?