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Friday, May 02, 2008

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann Admits Affair: A Democrat Who Must Quickly Resign

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The admission that he broke his marital vow is here. But Marc Dann's unfaithful behavior is a sign of deeper character flaws. He has the heart not of a peoples' champion, but of a coalpit -- a lightless, dank coalpit. He admits he lacks both wisdom and a moral compass. He is vain and unfit, and ran an office inebriated by hypocrisy. There will be no turning away the wrath aimed at the man who placed hypocrisy in public service -- witness the rat-killing that came via resignations and firings -- ahead of complete and total honesty. He should be lost to shame for playing lurid tricks on the citizens of this state. That is now clear as a sunbeam. And his tedious and insipid remarks today at a press conference that he was not prepared for the office he won in November 2006 -- an office he sought and now says he did not expect to win -- means one thing: A fool and his office should soon be parted. He is a fraud, a poseur, a sneak. He is Ohio's accidental attorney general, a man who awoke one morning and found himself famous. Now, he is notorious. There is an old saying -- "to many, fame comes too late." For Ohio's 46-year-old attorney general, it came too soon. He squandered everything. And what is the reward for those who put their faith in Marc Dann? To see everything, all the evidence of things previously not seen. The Democrats of Ohio should well remember the words from Matthew XV.14, "If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."


  1. Well, he can always join Mike Allen in private practice.

  2. Is it true that Marc Dann's sweetie got a $10,000 raise? She must have been a great scheduler. Or was there another talent involved? I'm sure it wasn't money for nothing. Where does scheduling rank on the list of world's oldest professions? Somewhere near the top.

  3. Oh. "Keep reading, dummy." :-) Thank you for explaining what's going on.