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Friday, January 12, 2007

America's Nazis: Getting Active In Ohio?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Chatter has been growing that the American branch of the National Socialist movement -- the neo-Nazis who think Hitler was right and most of the world was wrong about him -- are headed for Ohio Monday. They passed out leaflets at the University of Cincinnati over the school's winter break, and it appears they may be planning a rally Monday on or near Fountain Square, which is the symbolic heart of the city.

City officials have tried to keep this hushed. But the ADL, a militant Jewish group, says it keeps track of the Nazis and reports that they will be in Cincinnati Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday. This is what the ADL has been reporting to the entire world about the group's activities in Ohio.

Meanwhile, the Nazis aren't exactly shrinking violets about race hatred and their belief in white superiority, and seem to relish publicity whenever they can get it. There are apparently three National Socialist movement chapters in the state. They are open about their existence and can be found by searching the Nazi's Web site. One of the chapters is located in Cincinnati.

Here's an account of what happened in Toledo after the Nazis tried to rally in that city last year.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory had an off-the-record conversation with some of the city's editors and TV station honchos earlier this week to brief them about the Nazis possible appearance during the MLK holiday. Mallory was probably trying to pre-empt another slap at his city's reputation as a town where race relations are uneasy and sometimes explosive. But meeting with editors and local TV execs won't get it these days -- the 'net has made the world a wide open place. Didn't he know the ADL had the Nazi event marked?

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