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Friday, January 12, 2007

Newspaper Web Sites: George Clooney Is 'looney'

ClEVELAND (TDB) -- For some strange reason, many U.S. newspaper online search engines have an odd, almost cranky habit. Type in the name of movie star George Clooney and this message comes back:

"Did you mean George looney?"

It happens in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Louisville, the biggest city in the state where his parents live in a small town on the Ohio River. Nick Clooney, a newspaper columnist, former TV anchor and one-time Democratic congressional candidate in Northern Kentucky, is a victim of the same digital gremlin. He pops up as "Nick looney."

See what happens on, the Web home of The Plain Dealer, when you click on George Clooney.

And watch what happens on, the home of the Cincinnati Enquirer, when you ask for George Clooney.

Try the Louisville Courier Journal for George Clooney.

It happens at a lot of newspaper sites, But not all. At the Miami Herald you can click George Clooney and nothing "looney" materializes. Nor does it happen at the Chicago Tribune.

George Clooney is a Hollywood celebrity of the first order, and the Los Angeles Times doesn't give him the looney treatment. George and his dad are campaigning against the genocide in Darfur and have a TV special due out Monday, as some of the newspaper Web sites mention. There is nothing looney about the Clooney family's efforts to ease suffering and stir action against the slaughter in Africa.

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