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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cincy Creationist Museum: Creating New Jobs

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Answers in Genesis, the new $25 million museum that conservative Christians are building to counter Darwin's theory of evolution, has scheduled a "Job Fair" later this week to start recruiting workers for a May 28 opening. To be considered, applicants must submit a resume, their "Christian testimony" and a creation belief statement. The museum is in Kentucky near the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport and defends the Bible's accuracy from its very first verse. A notice about the Job Fair is HERE.

A similar facility, the Museum of Earth History, is already open in Eureka Springs, Ark. Visitors there learn that humans and dinosaurs lived alongside each other and that Noah carried JUVENILE DINOSAURS among the aninals on the Ark. The museum contends full-size dinos would have been too large for the vessel.

Meanwhile, Patrick Crowley, a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter, says the suburban Cincinnati museum has employed the Rev. Billy Graham's spokesman as its public relations consultant.

A. Larry Ross is a high-powered Texas media and public relations consultant with a long list of Christian clients. His company's Web site is HERE and the new relationship between Ross and the museum means a full-court pr campaign is coming in the weeks ahead. Ross' job will be to get Answers In Genesis founder Ken Ham on the national talk shows and cable TV gabfests timed for the May 28 opening.

Answers in Genesis also has ties to Jerry Falwell's LIBERTY UNIVERSITY in Virginia. Students there are required to take a creation course that teaches the literal story of Genesis and the "young earth" beliefs of Answers in Genesis.


  1. Seriously, Bill - I want these folks to list for me the schools that teach this exact same stuff and are still accredited schools by any state. Do the Christian umbrella organizations that oversee Christian schools really want their students coming out of school believing that man and dino walked together? I cannot believe that. But then I guess I'm just not a believer am I?

  2. Wunderbar. Attorney Chris Finney's client, the creationism museum, is hiring. But not exactly a badge of honor for the region: a multi-million dollar celebration of ignorance.

    Meanwhile, college-educated young people are already fleeing our area for places like Atlanta and Seattle where this "museum" would be seen for the hillbilly embarrassment that it is.

    Morons from around the world will flock here and news reports will rightly depict our region as a laughing stock.

  3. Jill and Anonymous:

    The creationists have their view, and I they are sincere. I would never mock them. But I wonder: Do they believe in omens and portents, witches, that the sun orbits the Earth. I'm not sure what Biblical inerrancy actually means. I grew up in Tennessee where teaching evolution was illegal until a few years ago. One time, when we landed at the Nashville airport after a family vacation, I remember the pilot saying on the speaker system: "We are landing in Tennessee. Everybody roll their watches back 100 years." That was the Scopes' effect.