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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cuyahoga County Dems: Where's The News?

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- There is a new Congress in Washington controlled by Democrats. Ohio has a new governor, Ted Strickland, the first Democrat to hold the job in 16 years. But if you check the Web site of the state's biggest local Democratic organization -- the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party -- and look for ''news" you learn it is still 2005.

The freshest "news" available at WWW.Cuydem.Com is this moldy chestnut: C.J. Prentiss was just elected Minority Leader of Ohio's Senate Democrats. Here's a flash for the Democrats -- that happened more than two years ago. Reality is this: Prentiss no longer even serves in the legislature. The Cleveland party's news release is HERE and it is an enthusiastic word portrait of the former lawmaker.

Prentiss has been replaced as minority leader -- the ranking Senate Democrat -- by Teresa Fedor of Toledo. Her current bio is HERE.

Why dredge up the county party's stale news? Only to point out that GOP hustlers ran a vigorous fire-'em-up machine in the 2004 presidential election and snared Ohio for President Bush. The lesson: No dozing allowed. Isn't there some fresher news for the county party Web site? How about links to Strickland's executive orders on ethics and energy for a start?

Or how about Sen. Lance Mason's ascension to the No. 3 post among Ohio Senate Democrats. The Cleveland attorney made a jump into the power ranks. His bio for the 127th Ohio General Assembly is HERE.


  1. Great post! I've been wondering the same thing because I want to figure out a few things re: the structure, locally. ;) And I can't find any info anywhere! I hate picking up the phone...just kidding.

  2. I agree completely and further challenge NEO democratic leaders to lead well!

  3. Hi Jill and Welcome Norm:

    I just checked out the state and several local Demo party Web sites. Many were much more active than Cuyahoga's. Maybe they should link to the presidential candidate's sites, and to Sen. Brown's. However, when I looked Sen. Brown's was not yet up and running last night. I guess it will be going soon. But the Cleveland D's really should embrace the wired world -- everybody else is moving that way. Really, I was kind of surprised by what I found as news there: absolutely nothing recent.