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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jim Petro: Still Ohio AG On Marc Dann's Website

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Republican Attorney General Jim Petro left office earlier this month, but his digital ghost still haunts the shop. Petro popped up on Democratic successor Marc Dann's Web site today under a flattering bio. Check it out HERE. And HERE.

That aside, the Cleveland politician quietly kept his hand in GOP state politics after he lost the Republican gubernatorial race to Ken Blackwell last May. Petro had $72,755 left in his Citizens for Petro campaign fund. Some of that money found its way to candidates. Former State Rep. Geoffrey Smith, a U.S. judge's son now notorious for his raunchy farewell speech, got $3,000 from Citizens for Petro on Nov. 1, 2006. And there were other checks that went out -- all the details will turn up later this month when year-end campaign finance reports are filed. Petro's committee gave $200 last July to David Lynch's state senate campaign in Cuyahoga County -- a campaign that failed to snag a Demo seat.

Smith's District 24 Franklin County House seat went to Democrat Ted Celeste, the brother of former Gov. Dick Celeste. Petro isn't done with Ohio politics. He tapped the leftovers to make friends and build alliances. The Republicans were desperate to hold the seat Celeste won -- they even got U.S. Rep. David Hobson of Springfield to kick in a grand from his campaign fund. Prediction: Petro will be back

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