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Friday, January 19, 2007

New Ohio Data: $33,218 To Start With Bachelor's Degree

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- A fresh study of recent Ohio college grads shows those who earned bachelor's degrees had an average yearly salary of $33,218 within six months of leaving school. Those who entered the health field has the highest wages, $47,665. Arts and Humanities grads earned the least, $27,724.

Teachers were near the bottom, too. But the study raises this question: Why does the health care field (largely government subsidized) outstrip all starting pay categories for Ohioans with four-year degrees? Are labor costs out of control?

The data was collected by the Ohio Board of Regents, which studied the earnings of state residents who finished school in Spring 2005 and were employed full-time by the 4th quarter of that year. Surprisingly, the research shows two-year associate degrees paid off better at first with an average salary of $35,648. Researchers offered this explanation: "The average age of associate degree recipients is 30, compared to 25 for bachelor's degree recipients. The greater work experience and employment search experience of older graduates may partially explain their higher earnings."

Here's the percentage of full-time jobs by field for bachelors, and the pay:

Arts and Humanities, 12%, $27724.
Business, 19%, $34,440.
Education, 13%, $28,697.
Engineering, 8%, $43,066.
Health, 8%, $47,665.
Natural Science & Mathematics, 6%, $32,908.
Social and Behaviorial Sciences, 13%, $28,047.
Other, 2%, $31,862.
Degree Area Not Known, 20%, $31,881.

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