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Friday, January 26, 2007

Ohio Media: Sen. Sherrod Brown's Spouse Resumes Column

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Connie Schultz, the Pulitizer-winning newspaper columnist who is married to Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, was back in print today at The Plain Dealer. She delivered an emotionally moving yarn about her late father and the Big Snows that regularly hit Ashtabula on Lake Erie. No hint of a political tint in any of her words.

Schultz returned to writing after taking a leave-of-absence for the U.S. Senate campaign that put her husband in office. She also is working on a book about the Senate race that ended Republican Mike DeWine's run as an elected official.

Sooner or later, Schultz and Ohio's largest daily newspaper are going to run into flak from the right over one of her columns, which are a popular fixture in the feature section. Here is the comeback column and it is a gem. Schultz is the only spouse of a U.S. Senator who writes for a major American newspaper.

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