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Friday, January 26, 2007

Ohio Sex Surveys: Is Cincy Really Sinsy?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- This notoriously blue-nosed metropolis on the Ohio River suddenly has two local tabloid newspapers trying to peek into its sacks and beneath the sheets. Even though Loveland, Ohio, is just up the road, the world of journalism -- or what passes for journalism these days -- wants to know if Cincinnatians are tarts at heart.

There are two sex surveys out in the competing alt/weekly tabs published in Cincinnati -- er, Sinsinnati.

First, there is this questionnaire from City Beat , which is itself at heart an independent-minded publication that likes a good fling. Then there is CiN's version, which the Gannett newspaper chain publication has floated online. That's a buttoned-down corporate survey.

Obviously, the tabs are racing for something racy to publish on St. Valentine's Day in a few weeks.

Cincinnati has never been known as a saucy spot on the map. The authorities chased Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt out of town years ago. They managed to keep the Playboy Channel off local cable stations for a time in the 1980s. They raided and prosecuted an art museum over an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe's photos. The vice squad even seized a Hollywood movie from a gay-oriented bookstore claiming it was obscene. And the community gave birth to Ohio's major porn-fighting organization, Citizens for Community Values, which is headed by Phil Burress.

How much s-e-x in Cincinnati? As much as people can lie (or is it lay) about.

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