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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton Sicced Gumshoes On Critics

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Dick Morris, the Clinton White House strategist who moved Bill Clinton to the political center for the 1996 presidential campaign, says Sen. Hillary Clinton is a master at the the "politics of personal destruction." Morris said she has employed private investigators to snoop for mud that could be thrown back at critics of her husband.

'Hillary, smilingly, waves to the crowds and opines against the politics of personal destruction. She's an expert at it. She was among the first to hire private detectives to dig up dirt on women who had been linked to Bill, on Linda Tripp, on other Clinton accusers, and on virtually anyone else who stood in the way of her ambitions for her husband," Morris said in a column he writes with his wife, attorney Eileen McGann.

Morris left the White House in disgrace after the 1996 Democratic National Convention. This Time Magazine profile has a lot of the background about his role in the Clinton years. He was the architect of triangulation, the strategy that put the White House in between the GOP and national Democrats, a move that made Bob Dole quip that Clinton had turned into a Republican for the 1996 race. Morris is no fan of the New York senator and said Barack Obama, for now, should stick to his gameplan, which is to portray himself as a fresh figure in politics. "The ranks of those who are willing to point out her obvious shortcomings are so legion that Obama doesn't need to add to the chorus," said Morris, who left no doubt he is a member of that legion.

The first caucuses are nearly 11 months away, and the campaign already looks to be turning fetid on the Dem side -- if Morris is right.


  1. Dear God, I find myself in agreement with Dick Morris.

  2. Dick Morris has his own problems. The other day the state of Connecticut designated him one of their top tax scofflaws. Apparently, Morris owes the state $280,000.00 in back taxes. That's a nice piece of change. He might want to resolve that issue before dumping on anyone else.

  3. Redhorse --

    I did not know that Dick Morris was such a Hillary hater, though I figured there was a falling out with the Clintons. She sure let a hornets nest be stirred by allowing Wolson to attack Barack. It looks like a mistake because the flak is still being fired about something that nobody would have known about if nothing was said by the Hillary camp. Maybe they believe their own myth about the war room.