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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ohio's Commish On Black Males: Still Pushing Events From 2003

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- The state Commission on African American Males is an agency with an important mission: Give a boost and promote the interests of minority Ohioans who too often find themselves on the low rung of the ladder. The commission was created to advocate for better health, better education and better economic opportunity. But has it neglected its responsibilities? The evidence on its state-operated Web site suggests yes.

Under the "community board" link, the commission is promoting a Spring fest in Cincinnati. Not this Spring -- the event took place on May 3, 2003. How about that big sports camp at Ohio State University? It happened on June 14, 2003.

Interested in an OSU charity baseball game? You are out of luck. It occurred on June 28, 2003. As for health, on June 14, 2003 the Montgomery County health department in Dayton offered physicals at a health fair.

For some reason, nothing is listed for this year, last year, 2005 or 2004. The Web site is totally stale.

If you want to learn about business, there's an economic link, too. But it leads to a state business development site that no longer seems to exist as advertised. The Commission on African American Males is HERE , and you can explore the badly outdated economics and employment page. It should be considered an affront to all Ohioans, and a despicable monument to the Taft years, which shamefully permitted a digital ghetto to be established on the state's Internet operation. Gov. Ted Strickland has been in office for not quite two months. Somebody in his administration needs to step up and fix this immediately.

Certainly there are jobs, economic possibilities, educational opportunities and health initiatives that can be promoted and disseminated on the commission's portal. Inquiring minds want to know: Why has that not happened for years?

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