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Friday, February 09, 2007

Kent State U. Sex Poll: When Does 'No' Mean 'No'

KENT, Ohio (TDB) -- An interactive sex poll has been placed online by Kent State University's student newspaper and the question of the day is -- when does passion end and sexual battery begin. The campus is being gauged about the moment that consensual intimacy can into rape.

"What happens when a man and woman, or anyone for that matter, start having sex and then one of the partners changes his or her mind and the other person doesn't stop. Is that rape?" Commendably, the student newspaper editorial board that presents the sex poll also points out that love ought to be part of the equation, too.

The online poll is HERE , and when last checked the people who said one partner doesn't have to stop were in a slight majority. The Daily Kent Stater's editorial board raised the issue because some states -- Maryland and North Carolina -- say it is not rape if a woman consents then changes her mind. The editorial thinks that's a confusing legal standard than only muddle things up.

"We realize there is a difference between the violence of a sexual assault and a woman changing her mind. If a woman tells her partner to stop, that should be the end of it. It doesn't matter if she wanted to at first; if either partner is unwilling to have sex, then it shouldn't happen, no matter how passionate the moment," the editorial says.

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