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Monday, February 26, 2007

New Zogby Poll: Obama Makes 'Dramatic' Gains

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A new Zogby International poll shows Illinois Sen. Barack Obama holds a solid second-place in the Democratic presidential field and managed to gain ground this month on the leader, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton. Obama was campaigning today in Ohio, and Zogby's poll was good news on top of the large crowds in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. Obama raised about $500,000 at a morning fundraiser in downtown Cincinnati that was closed to reporters.

"In a measurement of how firm the support is for the candidates overall, Clinton's support is just a bit weaker than that of Obama. A slight majority of Clinton supporters -- 54% -- said they are likely to change their minds before they actually cast a primary of caucus vote, while 48% of Obama supporters agreed," Zogby reported. The poll was a telephone survey of 439 likely voters, and was taken Feb. 22-24 after last week's tussle over Hollywood mogul David Geffen's remarks that jabbed both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Zogby said the numbers are Clinton, 33%; Obama, 25%; John Edwards, 12%; Bill Richardson, 5%; Joe Biden, 2%; Wesley Clark, 1%. Last week's survey found only 20% of Democrats undecided. Clinton's percentage rose 4% since an early January survey and Obama had an 11% increase. Zogby said "Obama has made dramatic gains in the last six weeks."

On the GOP side, Rudy Giuliani increased his lead over Arizona Sen. John McCain. Zogby had Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in the survey and she drew 7% support, a tie with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The Zogby poll is HERE , and it shows a generational gap has developed on the Dem side. Younger voters like Obama, while older Democrats prefer Hillary.

In matchups against McCain and Giuliani, Zogby said she loses to both.

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