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Monday, March 05, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards On Ann Coulter: Drown Out Her Hate

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The spouse of former Sen. John Edwards says Americans should not sit silently when bigoted language is used in public. She wants people to keep the heat on conservative columnist Ann Coulter, who used the word "faggot" while speaking to CPAC last Friday.

Elizabeth Edwards is fanning outrage over Coulter's comment, which was directed at Edward's Democratic presidential campaign.

"But please find a way not to sit silent in acceptance. It doesn't change until we say we will not be silent when this happens," Elizabeth Edwards wrote. Coulter is notorious for using charged language. Elizabeth Edwards said a furious negative public reaction could drown out the hate she spews. "Nobody can stand by when words of bigotry and division are used."

Some have counseled ignoring Coulter, contending that reacting to her provocations only builds mystique and popularity.

Elizabeth Edwards blog post on the Edwards for president campaign Web site is HERE. It is now obvious that the campaign is not going to back away from the incident, and will instead use Coulter as a punching bag to generate money and sparks. Coulter's mouth may actually have put some octane in the campaign's tank at a time when it looked to be coasting.

Elizabeth Edwards said the lesson of the Coulter incident is that it is time for everyone to say they are "sick and tired" of hate words being introduced into the national dialogue. On that note, she is probably correct.


  1. This was actually a great thing that happened to Edwards. It helps him raise money and he got some media attention after so much has been sucked up by Obama and Clinton.

  2. Hi Ben --

    Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. He's getting attention, as you say. And the money will roll in, too. Edwards picked up two points in the Rasmussen Poll out today, at 15% now, still in third. Hillary dropped a couple, though she remains in the lead. The poll was pre-Coulter, so nobody knows the effect yet.