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Monday, March 05, 2007

Ohio Republican Party: Hillary Swipes Edwards' Rhetoric

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Ohio Republican Party is out with a 10-page background document from RNC headquarters that roughs up Sen. Hillary Clinton and contends she has been borrowing her stump themes from others. Specifically, the GOP says she is echoing Democratic rival John Edwards, who trails her in the national polls but has been running strong in Iowa. "In Iowa, Hillary adapted Edwards ideas and rhetoric as her own," the GOP says. (Check page 2 of the document.)

The Republicans point out a handful of standard oratorical flourishes in phrases like "basic bargain" and "play by the rules" that crop up in Edwards campaign appearances over the past few years. And, of course, they both talk a lot about health care, especially for children. The GOP says Hillary has sounded too eerily similar recently -- but the material it cites seems to fall somewhat short of full copyright infringement.

Still, the GOP wisely is monitoring every word and may eventually catch one of the Democrats delivering another candidate's script. Wouldn't that make great TV?

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  1. Unfortunately, it looks like Coulter is actually getting more media exposure from this, rather than less. Appallingly, Paula Zahn is hyping Coulter's appearance on CNN tonight to provide "her side" of the controversy. (What would that be? How she felt standing on the stage uttering the slur?) Also, Sean Hannity is having her on, too. What does a person have to do or say to be given the boot? I'm scared to ask.