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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ohio Dukes Of Hazzard Flap (II): Rebel Flag, Reverse Racism And 'Mindless Morons' in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A public relations handler for John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the old Dukes of Hazzard TV series, says the Cincinnati Pops cancelled a July appearance by the actor/singer because of reverse racism. He said the General Lee car in the sitcom was decorated with the racially charged Confederate flag -- which led to the ban -- but that should be excused because people have "done bad things under the American flag."

The flag flap erupted last week and continues GOING STRONG. Schneider's spokesman says the actor is the victim of censorship and "mindless morons" in Cincinnati who cancelled his performance. But is it good strategy to drag Old Glory into the dispute? Does the Stars and Stripes have the checkered past of the Stars and Bars? Here's the post I found on a Web site for Schneider:

"Hey Gang,

"This is Breet, John's Publicist or Gofer, or whatever my title is. I needed to get this off of my chest. John Schneider is not a racist. He has fans of all kinds come and see him and wait in long lines to do so. He loves all of them. He just spent 11 days away from his wife and kids to spend time with the fans to help spread the word about his new movie. The Cincinnati Pops just dropped John and Tom Wopat from a performance because the General Lee sports a Confederate Flag. This is the most blatant type of reverse racism and censorship that I've ever seen. I'm ashamed of the mindless morons who have caused this!!! John is a stand up guy and he deserves to be treated better. We all need to get behind him and voice our opinions. Censorship is a horrible thing and the door swings both ways. Please do something, call your Congress person, write the editor of your newspaper, make a noise of some kind. I for one am not going to be ashamed to be a "Dukes" fan. Uncle Jesse wasn't a racist and neither am I!!

"Heck, I had relatives die fighting for the Confederacy, but I'm an American and nobody in this country is going to tell us to shut-up!! They are punishing John for something he didn't do. It's not John's fault that a few narrow minded idiots used the Battle Flag to do horrible things!! Heck, people have done bad things under the American Flag, but nobody's punishing John for that!! I know that I'm venting, but I'm angry. It's not fair!! Help us make a difference!! Make a noise and send the idiots a message. And go see "Collier & Co. Hot Pursuit!" It'll make you feel better!!! I'm proud to call John a friend. Go to to voice your opinion!!!


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