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Friday, July 20, 2007

Cincy Mayor's Dad: I'll Be Peddling Newspapers On City Hall Steps

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Just ran into Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory's dad at a downtown event, and he told me he is so busted up over the coming demise of the Cincinnati Post PM newspaper that he plans to distribute them on City Hall's steps as a eulogy. William L. Mallory Sr., said he's going to buy a $15 bundle for the newspaper's last day on Dec. 31.

"When I was a boy I used to sell them there. They were 2 or 3 cents apiece back in the early 1940s," Mallory recalled. He said somebody tried to chase him off the steps, but the mayor at the time, James Garfield Stewart, intervened. He said Steward told him to stay on the steps for as long as he wanted. "I never forget what he said," Mallory said.

The mayor's father, now retired, was the Democratic Majority Leader of the Ohio House for years. In all, he served 28 years in the Ohio General Assembly before stepping down in 1994. He founded a downstate political dynasty that includes Mark as mayor, Bill Jr. as a Common Pleas Judge, Dale as a state representative in District 32, and Dwane, who is mulling a run for a seat on the Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Cincinnati lawyer Stan Chesley, who hosted fundraisers for President Bill Clinton at his home, recently co-sponsored a gathering that unoffficially launched Mayor Mallory's reelection bid. Gov. Ted Strickland was in attendance when Chesley said the Mallory clan had succeeded the Tafts as the city's preeminent political family.

Said Chesley: "I can remember when everybody wanted to be a Taft. Now nobody wants to be a Taft. They all want to be a Mallory."

The family patriarch said he loved the Post, which leaned Democratic on its editorial pages. He said he considered it a great journalistic enterprise, and added that he once considered becoming a journalist. Instead, Ohio politics beckoned.

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