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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ohio-Bred Comic Drew Carey: Says He May Do 'Price Is Right'

[UPDATE: 7:51 pm EDT 7/23/07 -- Drew Carey says he's got the job. The news is breaking about his revelation during a taping of Letterman's show. ]

[UPDATE 2: 9:11 pm EDT -- More on Carey's daytime TV gig has moved on the newswires, including a quote from Bob Barker saying he's cool with Drew. ]

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- CBS honchos have put out the word in Beverly Hills that the man whose TV sitcom told the world that Cleveland rocks is in the running to replace Bob Barker as host of "The Price is Right." And Drew Carey appears to be interested in the job now that the octogenarian Barker is gone.

"Right now it's down to the title. If they change the name to the 'Golden Wheel' then I'm on. But I wouldn't get into negotiations if I weren't serious about hosting it."

That's Carey speaking to Inside the Bay Area, an online California publication. Other tabs seem to have him joking off any interest. Cleveland native Carey gets at least $50,000 a pop on tour, according to this bio on his booker's Web site. He also has a new game show slated for the CBS schedule early next month. He's a former Marine reservist -- that's where the trademark crewcut comes from -- and his politics are supposed to be Libertarian. At least that's what a group called The Advocates reports. It tries to track where celebs stand of the issues of the day.

The Bay Area buzz about Carey is here. Another tab has Carey laughing off the possibility he will replace Barker, who taped his last show in June.

Carey is a Kent State University dropout.


  1. I'd love to see Drew take Bob's spot.. let's see if it actually happens!

  2. Hi Heather --

    It sounds like he's the leading candidate right now. I see where he's quipped that it doesn't sound too hard. I wonder if his price is right. though, for the network. Looks like Rosie O is out. Think Trump would be any good at the job?

  3. Thank goodness Rosie is out. I don't care for her much - I don't think she's entertaining or funny. Same goes for Trump.

    I'd love to see Drew take the helm. He's witty and doesn't cause too much trouble in the Hollywood circles.

    Mr. Barker did a great job and deserves to have someone respectable take his position.

  4. Hi Heather -

    I think Drew Carey would be funny as heck. But I also think it would be a come down for such a witty and creative person to do a game show every weekday. He's better than that.

    My opinion: Don't do it, Drew. Don't become a modern day Monte Hall by walking throught that door.

  5. It might also be described as "job security." Bob Barker didn't have to do any other work on TV the entire time he hosted TPIR.

    Drew is nearly 50 already.. maybe he's planning for his golden years?