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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

E.T.'s Ohio Area Code To Call Home: A Small Town Near The Indiana Border?

DAYTON (TDB) -- If the news out of Canada is correct, there may be a woman in Southwestern Ohio who has hybrid DNA from an alien who visited Earth by way of another planet. Apparently, her parents had outercourse. Now this could be big. It means the state potentially has a jump on everywhere in the race to invest and develop biotech.

The story appeared in The Canadian. It was remarkably short of details on the Ohio angle, although it said the woman lived in New Paris.

The community is a small town in Preble County, almost snuggled onto the Indiana state line west of Dayton, a place where soybean and corn fields stretch nearly to the horizon. New Paris is best known for its springs, which have made it a popular resort over the years. It is also the town the composer of the Christmas tune, "Up On The Housetop" once called home.

If an alien-human hybrid lives there, it possibly gives the verses a whole hidden meaning. Think about it -- on the roof with old St. Nick, click, click, click. Were those really reindeer hooves? Or something from the outer limits?

So far, New Paris isn't saying anything publicly about its suspected extraterrestrial offspring who has made news in Canada. That is a surprise because everybody in a small town is supposed to know everybody else's business. Perhaps folks have decided to stay quiet out of respect for their neighbor. You know, why bring up the fact that there's a little green woman in our midst?

The Canadian, which reported this first, said doctors were checking out the claims of a woman from Puerto Rico who contends "she is the offspring on an alien encounter. The doctor is not interested in the UFO/alien phenomena, he wants answers as to why her DNA has such rare qualities."

As for the Buckeye State:

"A case similar to this is being investigated in New Paris, Ohio. A woman there has exceptional skills and gets by on two hours of sleep a night."

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