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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OH-02: Steve Black Wants To Improve Hamco's Adoption Services

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Newly minted Ohio 2nd District Democratic congressional candidate Steve Black has taken a shot at Republicans who ran Hamilton County, without mentioning any names of Republicans. That is a bit of a pulled punch because one of those Republicans is Phil Heimlich, a former county commissioner who has jumped into a GOP primary against Mean Jean Schmidt, who now holds the seat.

Black, a lawyer in the Dems primary contest against physician Vic Wulsin, says the county bungled and neglected special-needs adoptions. One of Wulsin's hallmarks is her service as a public health doctor and administrator. Black could be trying to offset her compassion factor by showing he's been active in the public service/health game, too.

He was in today's Cincinnati Enquirer with a guest column that bemoans the failure of programs to link potential adoptive parents with adoptive children. It is an important issue. He should have named names, though. Instead, he delivered this somewhat wimpy criticism of somebody who previously made a poor decision:

"Bad public policy decisions have a way of haunting us. A classic example is the past decision to slash funds for the adoption of special needs children. The county decision makers at that time shortchanged children who needed adoption assistance the most, and the impact on our community will be felt for years in rising mental health costs and homelessness rates."

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