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Friday, August 17, 2007

Cincinnati Enquirer: Clobbered Again, Playing Catch-Up On Another Scoop

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Both the Cincinnati Post and The Daily Bellwether reported Aug. 4 that the steamboat Delta Queen's parent company planned to end the sternwheeler's overnight cruises on the nation's inland waterways. Big news in an Ohio River town, especially since the Queen displays the word "Cincinnati" on its stern -- meaning the Queen City is considered the vessel's home port.

Now some two weeks after the news broke. the morning metro daily has noticed this story and put it on Page 1-A today. Again, the Cincinnati Enquirer was two weeks late in reporting the fate of the Delta Queen. Some would say that particular vessel personifies the Queen City's reputation as a river port and community. Some would say that particular newspaper personifies a sinking journalistic ship. Some would say that would be correct in both instances.

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  1. The Enquirer is also not covering the Chiquita Colombia terrorism story. Yesterday's NY Times had a lengthy story on that. There is also an excellent analysis of the latest Chiquita developements including the legal proffer docs at The Next Hurrah blog. It seems the story is getting bigger and now includes a number of political figures.