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Friday, August 31, 2007

Cincinnati's Ex-Mayor Roxanne Qualls: Council Candidate Delivers A Boffo Speech

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Former Cincinnati Mayor Roxanne Qualls is a Democrat running as a third party candidate for City Council, and she appears to have little patience for those who want to debate whether global climate change is occurring.

"It's a little bit like two people standing in a burning building and discussing who started the fire and not getting out of the burning building. We've got to get out of the burning building."

Qualls delivered the line in a speech earlier this month. She focused on urban development and warming. She clearly explained how the issues are linked and critical to Ohio's future. You can listen to her presentation by clicking the link to the Covington Rotary Club. Her description about the impact of climate change and how it can be managed come slightly past the halfway mark in the download. Qualls believes the key is by creating a "green infrastructure" -- one example, streets that don't absorb heat from the sun's rays.

Qualls ran for Congress in Oh-01 in the late 1990s and lost to GOP. Rep. Steve Chabot. Although she is seeking a City Council seat this fall as a member of the Charter Committee -- an independent group that is not affiliated with Republicans or Democrats -- she is a Democrat. Proof arrived in the mail this week. Qualls was listed among a group raising funds for Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Nadine Allen -- a Democrat seeking reelection to the bench. Democratic Mayor Mark Mallory's father, William, is on the list, too.

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