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Friday, August 31, 2007

OH-O2 Vic Wulsin: AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic Is Not At Her Campaign Headquarters

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Wulsin for Congress Website has information posted today that wrongly suggests the Cincinnati AFL-CIO's annual Labor Day Picnic Monday is at her campaign headquarters.

Wulsin, a Democrat seeking renomination in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District for the 2008 race, actually wants supporters to join her to go to the picnic, which is at Coney Island, an amusement part on the Ohio River. Gov. Ted Strickland plans to attend the picnic, which is considered the largest in the nation.

Hopefully, Wulsin's Website will be changed quickly to display directions to the picnic as well as her campaign headquarters. The AFL-CIO's announcement is here (PDF) and says the gathering will celebrate the election victories of union-backed candidates last November.

"With this momentum felt not just in Ohio, but across the country, working families will come together politically as one force in an effort to keep the gains that have been achieved and stride toward improving working conditions that will enhance the qualities of life and provide opportunities for American workers to achieve the American dream."

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