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Friday, August 24, 2007

Democrats See Thompson As Tennessee Dud: He Stepped In It With Gucci's At State Fair

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Democratic National Committee said Friday that former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson's decision to wear high-priced Gucci loafers to the Iowa State Fair last weekend is a sure-footed clue he's out of touch with ordinary Americans. Gucci loafers start at $299 a pair and, when the Bellwether checked, are listed for $425 at Saks in black brushed calf. The Tennessean probably would have drawn less criticism if he had shown up in a homespun coonskin cap like Davy Crockett is said to have popularized while on his way to becoming a national legend from the Volunteer State.

The Republican lawyer/actor Thompson plans to be at the Indianapolis Speedway this weekend on another test-run for his candidacy, which is not yet official. The DNC said he is running on empty, and noted that Guccis are worn by lobbyists on K-Street, out where the high-rollers cluster.

A DNC presser poked fun at Thompson for "facing questions about his lack of substance, his conservative credentials, and his flip-flops on abortion. In addition, Thompson failed to make his own fundraising goals, falling short of the $5 million the campaign had predicted. A glance at national polls shows that Thompson's approval ratings continue to dip the longer he waits to jump into the contest."

The Dems probably missed an opportunity to craft a great line -- that Thompson is comfortable with flip flops but wears Gucci.

You can read the DNC's presser and the details about its mockery of Thompson.


  1. Do you mean a haircut cost more than loafers?

    My My. A man going to be the most powerful man on the planed spent almost the price of a good jacket on shoes? Then he had the nerve to wear them in front of people driving $40,000 cars?

    Get a life.
    Don Jones

  2. Hi Don --

    Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure all those folks in Tennessee wear their Gucci's to the state fair in Nashville every year, or to the TWHNC when they watch the walkers in Shelbyville, or to U-T for the Vols games. Must be a custom. Sort of like smokin' a brisket or bass fishing. You do it in Gucci. Why, I hear there is a big run on Gucci's right now in places like Tullahoma, Shelbyville, Machester, Lewisburg, Lebanon, Cookeville, Paris, Estill Springs, Fayetteville, Lynchburg, McMinnville . . . all over the state. And thanks for bringing up the $400 haircut -- the same kind of tomfoolery. What is it about those former senators anyway?

  3. Bill,

    Personally, I'd never spend anywhere near $100 for a pair of shoes. However, I understand that every credible candidate running on either side has more money than I. My problem with all these characters is how they waste money confiscated from tax payers. I assume he wasted his own money on the shoes.

  4. Hi LargeBill --

    I'm sure Sen. Thompson has the dough to buy his own Gucci's. But he sure can't portray himself as a barefoot boy from Tennessee now, can he? You know, I can remember when Genesco -- the old General Shoe Company -- was a major employer in Tennesee. It was owned by the Jarman family, who made Jarman shoes. I guess American shoes have gone the way of other American clothing products.