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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ohiosphere Tale Of The Day (IX): A Really Wrathful God Would Flood 'Frisco, Not Findlay

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- It's A Paul World lacks patience with those who read their Bibles and see the wrath of God behind Ohio's unfolding natural disasters. He contends Vegas or San Francisco -- or other unnamed "cesspools" in this state -- would be more logical targets for a miffed divinity. But only if the divinity were so inclined, which he doubts.

He's writing while Findlay, Mansfield and other Ohio cities are suffering, and says it is "distasteful" to blame God, who supposedly could be settling a score over some human failings that irked Him enough to loose the thunderbolts. The author of It's A Paul World is an anonymous blogger who apparently lives somewhere in Central Ohio, works in banking, and belongs of the Church of God. He was moved to write after reading that a religious voice in North Carolina said God was removing his blessings from America "because of our individual and national sins. He is withdrawing His protection," a statement that drew the wrath of It's A Paul World:

". . . to connect each natural disaster as punishment from God or to capitalize on other's suffering for an article is unseemly, after all the rain falls on both the just and unjust. There have always been floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires and tornadoes on the North American continent . . .

"The Midwest has been experiencing great flooding. Is God angry with the Midwest but winking at Las Vegas and San Francisco? Findlay Ohio is under water right now. I can think of bigger cesspools in Ohio that need flooding than Findlay."

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