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Thursday, August 23, 2007

NRA Board Member Ted Nugent: Rocker Uses The N-Word And May Run For Michigan Governor

[UPDATE: 8/25; 3:17 PM edt -- Ted Nugent has gone totally 'round the bend. Check out the YouTUBE Clip where he wants Obama to suck on a rifle and Hillary to ride the business end of an automatic weapon. Gov. Arnold and Sen. Feinstein also get targeted by Machine Gun Ted who looks as unstrung as a busted guitar. Nugent sounds like a rightwing a sicko off his meds. H/T to Buckeye State Blog for finding the item.]

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Even with some 30 million records sold, rocker Ted Nugent hasn't been elected to the Rock Hall on Lake Erie. The National Rifle Association board member, instead, has his eyes on another target -- the Michigan governor's mansion. He also was described as using some pretty pungent language about black people in a story published by the British news service Reuters, language that appears to have been so racially offensive its exact description was avoided.

The word starts with "n" and ends with "r" -- the N-word. About Michigan, his home state, Nugent remarked:

"Now the pimps and the whores and the welfare brats are basically the state's babies."

Reuters went on to report that the rock singer/guitarist is thinking about campaigning for governor in 2010, and noted he defended his frequent use of a "racial epithet" that is a highly denigrating term about blacks.

"Nugent refused to mince words and often uses a racial epithet to describe blacks that normally mean political suicide. He says his embrace of the word reflects his respect for the black contribution to rock and roll and has another expletive for anyone who disagrees with him."

He's used the N-word before, and is known for making intemperate remarks. If Nugent does become a politician, he won't be welcomed by Democrats. Nor would Republicans want someone who contends a racial epithet is a term of respect for fellow citizens who don't share his skin color. He might be welcomed by the KKK.

How long will the NRA put up with his antics? Sure, he's a noted gun buff and hunter, but how many respectable Second Amendment supporters want to have someone who openly uses racial slurs as a high-profile representative of their cause?

Bottomline: The fever from the famous catch scratch seems to have affected Ted Nugent's brain, it doesn't seem to function normally at all anymore. Ted is brain dead -- that might turn out to be the first line of a rhyme that costs him millions of votes.

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  1. Wow. Dick DeVos and Ted Nugent in the Republican race. I can't wait for those debates.

    Nugent will at least make DeVos seem more palatable... at least DeVos doesn't hunt penguins.