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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ohio Concert By Flag-Waver Lee Greenwood: Country Singer Likes Fred Thompson Over GOP Field

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani barnstorms across the Cincinnati-area today: A fundraiser, a Reds game, a political rally in a pub, then on to conservative talker Sean Hannity's touring show at the Kings Island amusement park in Warren County. One of the acts performing is country music star Lee Greenwood, who is famous for God Bless the USA. Turns out that the flag-waving singer is not a Giuliani fan -- he likes Fred Thompson, the former senator from Tennessee who is expected to jump into the GOP race by September.

Greenwood bills himself as America's Most Recognized Patriot, and he has a huge following that loves his way of praising the red, white and blue values. They are generally conservative folks, sometimes with ties to the military. Greenwood spoke to a Cincinnati freelancer, Chris Varias, for a piece promoting Hannity's Freedom Concert, which is touring this summer to raise money for military families.

Varias asked Greenwood: "Are you endorsing any presidential candidates?" Greenwood's reply ladled out praise like red-eye gravy on biscuits for Thompson, but noted Fred's not running. Yet.

"No. We haven't aligned ourselves with anyone, but at this time in the world we need a strong leader. It would be Fred Thomspon, but he's not running. He's a Tennessean, of course."

All of Varias interview with the singer is posted online HERE. Political observers who are Nashville cognoscenti know Greenwood's words conjured up another song, a tune by Hank Willians Sr., that goes " move it on over, move over little dog because the big dog's steppin' in."

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