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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ohio Papers Snooze While Nat'l Press Peels Back Chiquita Story: Homeland Chief Chertoff's Name Pops Out

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Both the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal have page 1 stories today about the Cincinnati-based banana company's legal difficulties. The Wall Street Journal's is available by subscription only. Michael Chertoff's name is mentioned in both stories as a Justice Department official who first met with Chiquita emissaries when the company self-reported payoffs to Colombian terrorists.

However, the Ohio press corps has not dug into this story, and has been on the sidelines throughout. They seem content to be lap dogs rather than watchdogs, particularly the Cincinnati Enquirer, which has virtually ignored the scandal about its hometown multi-national and its intrigues with the Justice Department under President George Bush. The Gannett-owned newspaper's name, Enquirer, means to inquire. But it seems intent on doing just the opposite.

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