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Thursday, August 02, 2007

An Ohiosphere Mystery: Why Did Link To 'Weapons of Mass Discussion' Lead Elsewhere?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A two-day old post that challenged the appearance of an MSM blog affiliated with the formerly respectable news-gathering operation on Akron's Exchange Street had to be revised by The Bellwether today.

A link originally created to steer readers toward Matt Hurley's reliably Ohio-centric and always interesting Weapons of Mass Discussion was mysteriously directing them to a verbal cesspool.

The Bellwether expresses regrets to any who got effluent on their shoes. The Bellwether is also at a loss to explain what happened. Originally, the link was placed in the post to send traffic to Matt.

Perhaps a glitch somewhere. Or a mistake. It would be hard to say an unseen hand. Or something sinister like a hack. Anyhow, the antennae are now up. Truly, this was a strange thing. Any other reports of odd happenings in the 'sphere along these lines?

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