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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ohiosphere Tale Of the Day (VII): You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahtoe, Down South They Say 'Maters

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Terra Not Terror is musing about foods and diet. She thinks it is not wise to eat something whose name one cannot pronounce. Scientists call the plants with big, round, red and orange pulpy fruits ripening on vines behind my patio Lycopersicon esculentum, which is the 25-cent description for a widely cultivated and extremely tasty species of vegetable. Try to imagine a world without tomatoes -- no pizza sauce, no scene of the Godfather dying, no garden salads, nothing to throw at lousy standup comedians.

Still, Terra is on to something. Particularly her caution about unnatural chemicals that are added to food as preservatives.

"Do you even know what's in those things without looking them up? Were you aware that cochineal is a red coloring that's made from insects. Did you know that mono and diglycerides can be made from animal products? There are so many preservatives and chemicals in today's food, it's no wonder we have the health problems we do (foreign food is excluded from The Pronounceable Diet)."

Terra's advice: Try to eat fresh food. Not a thing wrong with that. Now I'm off to harvest a few Lycopersicon for a salad at suppertime.

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