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Sunday, August 26, 2007

President Bush Is Right: Iraq War Does Have A Parallel To Vietnam Conflict

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- In a speech to the VFW's national convention, the president used the Iraq War as a historical analogy to Vietnam. He's gotten a lot of criticism. The Bellwether believes Bush's analogy stands. But not for the reasons he offered.

As a leader, he won great plaudits and popular acclaim for invading Iraq. He sold the war with guile and tact, no great accomplishment. Did he ask himself: If war is evil, why is this one somehow good? He needed strategic brilliance, and fell short of the elements of military command. He used immoderate phrases at a time when the dying had not yet really begun and most of the battles had yet to be fought. He did not grasp the stresses of a modern war and was smugly secure in his misplaced certainty. He did not seem to have concern for those who marched away and were marked for death or injury. He seemed prepared for adventure and glory, not suffering. And now he leads a nation sharing a particularly deep sense of loss and frustration. In essence, we are in another war for peace. Just like Vietnam. Those of us who see that bear the regret.

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