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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three Foreclosed Cleveland Homes: Links To John Edwards Mortgage Co. Investment

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Follow this thread on John Edwards campaign blog and you get a sense that some of his supporters are worried about the Democratic presidential candidate's holdings in Fortress Investment Group. They see the 34 foreclosed homes in New Orleans and 3 in Cleveland as undercutting Edwards theme that he supports the nation's economic underdogs. The right-leaning Washington Times attacked Edwards in an editorial and FOX New Channel is delivering more tonight.

Edwards is campaigning in New Hampshire. He probably needs to do more to counter the negative publicity, which is building upon a Wall Street Journal story earlier this month that detailed the former North Carolina senator's investments. Some of his supporters in Ohio that I know are taking another look at Edwards, and admit they were taken by surprise by the news. They realized Edwards was wealthy, but they didn't know where he put his money. And they aren't happy about the things they have learned in the past two weeks. Clearly, Edwards has been damaged by the disclosures, and I have heard talk that one passionate Edwards supporter is switching allegiance to Obama. Arguments that Edwards is the victim of a right wing attack aimed at discrediting a progressive candidate aren't going to get him off the hook.

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