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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cincinnati Enquirer's Lawyer Tells Its Reporter: No Comment

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Besides representing the Cincinnati Enquirer on First Amendment and Open Records issues, lawyer Jack Greiner also teaches media law at the University of Cincinnati. He now also is reported to have blown off Enquirer journalist Sharon Coolidge with a hoary old dodge. Coolidge says the media law expert was mum about a legal dispute involving a Ruby Tuesday restaurant's complaint that a Greiner client had infringed on its real estate contract with a suburban shopping mall.

She reports:

"Cincinnati lawyer Jack Greiner, who represents the California-based Rubin Pachulski Properties, said he could not comment on the pending litigation."

Greiner is a partner at a downtown Cincinnati law firm and he's been outspoken and active in pursuing the interests of his media clients. In 2004, he complained the the Warren County Board of Elections improperly banned journalists from watching votes being counted in the Bush-Kerry presidential contest. The Warren County incident is somewhat of a staple among conspiracy theorists who contend that 2004 vote-counting in Ohio was fixed to favor Bush. And there have been numerous other times he's had a lot to say favoring freedom of the press vs. government officials who want to keep things quiet or behind closed doors. Is it a bit ironic that he wouldn't speak publicly when a newspaper he represents tried to question him about a real estate dispute that is being aired in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court?

Reporter Coolidge's story about the Rudy Tuesday restaurant contains Greiner's no comment in the seventh paragraph.

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