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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kangaroo Makes Ballot In Ohio: Dems, GOPers Hop On Bandwagon

AKRON (TDB) -- And yes, it's for real.

The University of Akron's mascot, Zippy the Kangaroo, is winning a national online election for the nation's most popular college mascot. Latest results show the Ohio candidate has jumped into first place over a field that includes UCLA's Bruin and Georgia's Hairy Dawg. It's nice to see something from Ohio atop a best-of-something list. Here's hoping the lead holds and the kangaroo courts the voters.

Harry Liggett, who runs the Akron Beach Journal retirees blog, is the ward-heeler who says vote early, vote often, and don't have qualms about stuffing the ballot box:

"Zippy needs your help
This is a flagrant promotion and has nothing to do with BJ retirees or the news media. Zippy, the University of Akron kangaroo mascot, needs your help.Zippy has been named to the 12-member Capital One All-America Team and is vying to be Mascot of the Year. He is confident you will back him by voting for him once every day through the end of the year at CapitalOneBowl.comSo bookmark that site or make it one of your favorites to call up every day."

Can the netroots deliver? Does the Ohiosphere have enough bounce to vault a kangaroo from the Rubber City into a national crown? Should Karl Rove come out of retirement to run the campaign?

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