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Friday, September 28, 2007

OH-02: Anthony Munoz Backed Bob McEwen Last Year, McEwen Lost

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Anthony Munoz is supporting U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt's challenger in the OH-02 GOP congressional primary. Will that put Phil Heimlich over the top? It doesn't hurt, of course to have a marquee endorsement but Munoz's backing didn't turn former Republican Congressman Bob McEwen into a winner. Schmidt whomped McEwen in the 2006 primary.


  1. Bill, I'm no McEwen fan (/understatement), but the primary result was NOT a "whomp." IIRC, it was 49-42-6-3, Schmidt-McEwen-Krause-Condit. It was way closer than it should have been given McEwen's overloaded baggage, which should be encouraging to Heimlich and any other potential challengers.

    Let's ask Jen Brunner what the result was; Oops, let's not; it's down. There's one to look into: why is the SOS elections site down so much?

  2. Hi Tom/Bizzyblog --

    So what is the official definition of whomp? I spelled it with an "h" though I suppose it could be spelled womp, too. Or maybe whump.

    You seem to have become a veritable Webster's lately.

    I think whump, womp, or whomp are slang along the lines of whup, which is derived from whip. And no matter how you analyze the results McEwen got whipped, which is another way of saying beat. That probably comes from our agriculural past, when people would whip a horse or farm or draught animal, or whup it. They sometimes would beat an animal, and the sound could have been interpreted as whump, womp or whump or whup. Just speculating, you know . . . No whup-tee-do. (I know that in Webster's it is hoop-de-doo.) Here's another way of saying what happened to McEwen -- Schmidt kicked his butt.

  3. While Munoz is still very popular in this area, I don't know how much his endorsement will affect any race. Unless he will be actively campaigning, the masses won't even be aware.

  4. Bill (the Sloat version) -- I blogged it that night. It was way too close for comfort. 3700 votes or so is not a big margin (out of about 60,000 total ballots cast, IIRC).