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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Matt Drudge's Radio Replacement? Ohio Righty Talker Bill Cunningham

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The grapevine is buzzing: When Matt Drudge gives up his Sunday night Premiere Radio talk show at the end of September, Cincinnati's Bill Cunningham will step in to replace the legend behind the Drudge Report. Premiere is owned by communications giant Clear Channel, and Cunningham works for that company. So maybe the grapevine is on to something.

If it is correct, Cunningham will have mighty big shoes to fill because Drudge's program airs in 204 markets across the United States. Cunningham is pretty much a local personality who now does an early afternoon weekday broadcast on 700, WLW-AM. He's a lawyer, a Republican and his wife, Penny, is a Hamilton County domestic relations judge.

OhioMedia gets the credit for landing a scoop on Drudge's replacement. So far, though, there is nothing official.


  1. It'll be interesting to see if Cunningham's Style will translate to a national audience. The few times I've caught his show it seemed to deal with mostly local issues. People in Peoria likely won't care about the Banks project. Heck, I live here and don't.

  2. nah baby nah...its time "Willie" got some national love....God Bless America and God bless "Willie"

  3. I have listened to Bill Cunningham for many years on and off since I am 200 miles north of Cincy. It is his style of speaking that drives me to turn off his show. He takes very few calls, speaks in an arrogant tone, speaks as if he is shouting and wastes so much time saying who is on hold that he could have taken 3 calls. He rarely lets the public speak. It is a forum for his opinion and his opinion only. Guests are not given free range to just answer a simple question............Its about Cunningham hearing himself talk.