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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Obama Heats Things Up: Calls Hillary's Run Chapter II Of Bill Clinton's Presidency

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Sen. Barack Obama says on the campaign trail Sunday that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be more of the same in Washington and that Americans want a "fundamental break."

This is the Associated Press story from the Alliance Review in Ohio. It is now posted on Obama's campaign Web site. The tough language:

"They want to make the argument that Senator Clinton is just an extension of the Bill Clinton presidency. They've been the dominant political family in the Democratic Party for the last 20 years now. So it's not surprising that they want to focus on their longevity. My belief is that the American people are looking for a fundamental break from the way we've been doing business."

Obama was reacting to Bill Clinton's earlier comments that the Illinois senator is not ready for the White House. Obama says he's as prepared as Bill Clinton, who was elected president in 1992 after serving as governor of Arkansas. The Body Politic calls Bill Clinton an 800-pound donkey and has a rundown on the back-and-forth this weekend between Bill and Barack.

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