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Monday, October 01, 2007

Kudos To 'Net-Savvy Montgomery, Ohio: Voted Top U.S. Smalltown Website

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Cincinnati suburb has about 10,000 residents, plus the world-famous Montgomery Inn ribs joint. Now it also is the home of America's No. 1 municipal Website in the small city category. Montgomery's portal is clean and easy to use and loaded with important and not so important information -- which makes it fun and interesting. Maybe it can become a template for other Ohio cities and agencies. Far too often, government portals are dry, difficult to navigate, clunky or out of date.

The award was granted by the National Association of Government Webmasters who rendered their judgment based on organization, content, interactivity, accessibility, design, function and team involvement. City Manager Cheryl Hilvert was spreading the news:

"It is truly an honor for our city to have been awarded for the best Web site in the country. As communication with our residents is a top priority, we use the Web site as a key source to provide practical information that is timely and accurate for our citizens."

Oh yes, about the rib joint. Check it out here. It's an Ohio landmark of the lip-smacking variety.

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